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In 1838, the foundation Tekelijanum - Tökölyanum was founded by Sava Popovic Tekelija- Tököly.
Sava Popovic Tekelija – Tököly (Arad, 1761,. - 1842.)

The rich noble, born in Arad - Habsburg Monarchy (today in Romania), in Serbian family. He studied law in Pest and become the first Serbian doctor of law - Juris Doctor. Tekelija became known as generous patron beyond the borders of the country. He was a donor for the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and for University of Debrecen.

Tekelija become really prominent as a founder of Tekelijanum, education institution for Serbian students from all parts of Habsburg Monarchy. Until 1952, when Tekelijanum-Tökölyanum was nationalized, more than four hundred students graduated on Pest Universities on faculties of law, engineering, medicine and art majors. Tökölyanum has become an important institution of cultural life for Serbs from all parts of Habsburg Monarchy. "Matica Srpska" and "Srpsko Pozoriste" (Serbian Theatre) were founded here! Some of really prominent Serbs studied or lived in Tekelijanum: Dositej Obradović, Jovan Jovanovic-Zmaj, Jakov Ignjatovic, Laza Kostic, Nikola Tesla ...In 1909, the famous architect Sándor Feldner, finished new palace of Tökölyanum in art nouveau style, in downtown Budapest.

On Veres Pálné Street 17., Budapest, above the entrance of Guest Rest Studio Apartments there is a sign in Cyrillic and Latin writing which testify that once here was a college. At the time, TÖKÖLYANUM was the most beautiful college in Pest.

Hungary, Budapest, V. district,
Veres Pálné utca 17.
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